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With 36 years of litigation experience in civil cases – Michael Waters is an effective mediator who conducts settlement conferences mandated by the courts for all types of civil actions.

Mr. Waters brings a unique qualification to his mediation experience.  Initially beginning his career as an insurance adjuster, Mr. Waters then spent 20 years focusing, primarily, on defense litigation.  For the last 16 years, Mr. Waters has diversified his practice to focus on plaintiffs’ work.  The interplay of adjusting claims with his experience of handling both sides of a case allows him a unique perspective on resolving your claim.

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With 36 years of litigation experience in civil cases, I understand both sides. This allows me to make the right decision for everyone involved.

– Michael Robert Waters

36 years of experience

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Michael Robert Waters

Mike specializes in civil litigation, personal injury, contract law, and mediation.

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