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Following an accident, injury, fire or storm, we rely on our insurance coverage to help us recover or rebuild.  Unfortunately, not every insurance claim is processed fairly or timely.  When an insurance company fails to properly adjust a claim or timely provide benefits, the company may be in breach of contract or acting in bad faith.

An insurance policy is a contract both you and the insurer must abide by.  When the insurance company fails to honor the terms of that contract, denies a legitimate claim or fails to act honestly towards its policy holder, the insurance company may be liable under Colorado law for breach of contract, undue delay and denial or bad faith.

There was a time when we represented the insurance, so we know how your claim may be mishandled; For nearly two decades we represented insurance companies.  Let us use that experience and knowledge for your claim.

– Dawn Renee Kubik

At Waters, Kubik & Cassens, LLC, our attorneys have extensive
experience helping clients with claims and disputes involving:

  • Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Business Property Coverage
  • Fire Insurance Coverage
  • Flood Insurance Coverage
  • Hail Coverage
  • Homeowners Insurance Coverage
  • Life, Disability and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD & D) Coverage
  • Medical Coverage

If you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company, it is important to contact us early.  The insurance company has considerable resources.  The earlier we are able to assess your case, the earlier we can take appropriate steps to preserve the necessary evidence and protect your claim.

55 years of experience

Meet Your Lawyers

Dawn Renee Kubik

Dawn has 19 years of experience as a litigator who excels in personal injury, employment and contract disputes, and workplace investigations.

Michael Robert Waters

Mike has 36 years of experience specializing in civil litigation, personal injury, contract law, and mediation.

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