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When an employee submits a workplace complaint, this complaint may trigger a duty on the part of the employer to investigate the allegations set forth in the complaint and take prompt remedial actions to correct employment practices that may be unlawful.  By conducting an impartial and prompt investigation, an employer may resolve the internal conflict and, potentially, avert liability.

Employees are a valuable resource, but when situations are mishandled they can be costly.   Let us help you protect your resources and avoid costly mistakes.

– Dawn Renee Kubik

The attorneys at Waters, Kubik & Cassens, LLC, understand the legal and business concepts intrinsic to a properly conducted workplace investigation.   Their experience in investigating such complaints efficiently and timely, often saves the employers time and resources and preserves necessary evidence in the event the complaint proceeds through litigation.  Additionally, our attorneys appreciate the internal struggles that exist with conducting an investigation and are knowledgeable in workplace privacy and the steps necessary to avoid retaliation, or its appearance, following an investigation.

By hiring an outside firm, such as Waters, Kubik & Cassens, to conduct a workplace investigation not only prevents you from becoming a witness, but it avoids jeopardizing privileged communications.    Our experience of representing both businesses and plaintiffs in employment cases has allowed us a unique perspective to carry into your investigation.  It allows us the opportunity to know the law and analyze the situation from both a plaintiff and defense perspective, thereby creating an unbiased and complete investigation.

An investigation can take place in our offices, your place of employment, an offsite location, or, if more convenient, by telephone.

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Dawn Renee Kubik

Dawn has 19 years of experience as a litigator who excels in personal injury, employment and contract disputes, and workplace investigations.

Michael Robert Waters

Mike has 36 years of experience specializing in civil litigation, personal injury, contract law, and mediation.

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