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Waters, Kubik & Cassens, LLC, represent both employers and employees in all matters and disputes surrounding employment relationship.  The ability to represent individuals and companies on both sides of an issue allows our attorney to develop an insight valuable to our client and unique to a boutique style law firm such as Waters, Kubik & Cassens, LLC.

My years of experience in Employment Law give me an edge over many other lawyers;  I will protect your future

– Dawn Renee Kubik

For employers, WKC provides advice, counsel and training for all stages of the employment relationship.  Whether the needed in hiring, developing best practices, creating a handbook, training managers, conducting a workplace investigation, or terminating an employee, our attorneys are available and able to assist.  Our attorneys thoroughly evaluate the situation and develop an appropriate and efficient course of action while remaining aggressive in your defense. WKC understands just because you can, does not mean always mean you should.  Our attorneys fully appreciate each case requires an early and thorough analysis of both the costs and benefits of each action, when applied to the desired outcome.

For employees, our attorneys provide advice and representation at any stage of your employment.  Our attorneys can review your employment contracts and separation agreements, as well as helping determine if your termination or separation from employment violated your rights.  When necessary, our attorneys can assist you in pursuing your unemployment claims and representing you in administrative forums to protect your rights.

55 years of experience

Meet Your Lawyers

Dawn Renee Kubik

Dawn has 19 years of experience as a litigator who excels in personal injury, employment and contract disputes, and workplace investigations

Michael Robert Waters

Mike has 36 years of experience specializing in civil litigation, personal injury, contract law, and mediation.

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