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  • Dawn helped me with a personal injury accident against a very big corporation. It was not a simple case and Dawn was exceptional. With Dawn you are a person with a name and a face, not a file on a desk. With her personal touch and ability to listen, you think she's your friend not your lawyer. My accident happened in Nebraska and I live in Colorado. Dawn was able to handle my case since she is licensed to practice law in both states. She settled my case and I received a fair settlement. Dawn will be honest with you on all aspects of the situation that you might be in. Her whole firm talked to me, on a first name bases, whenever I needed to call. Have a question on your situation, Call Dawn, she will give you an honest answer. Dawn practices with honesty and integrity.  Thanks Dawn, You will thank her too.

    Michael AVVO
  • Damon has made every effort to help my cause; he's also helped with related causes and cares what happens to his clients. I hope to never have any other issues, but if I did, I rehire him in a second. He cares beyond his public image. He is what anyone could hope for.

    Cynthia AVVO
  • Dawn was very informative, well prepared, and communicated crisply. Dawn was always a pleasure to work with when our case required us to have a meeting. Great sense of humor and a solid understanding of the law.

    Tony LinkedIn
  • Dawn practices smart law and really cares about the outcome for all of her clients.

    Rachel LinkedIn
  • I worked with Dawn for a long time. She is an excellent litigator and I wouldn't hesitate to hire her at any time.

    Julie LinkedIn
  • Dawn has great knowledge and foresight in her work. I can only say great things about her.

    Laureen LinkedIn
  • I tried a case against Mike in 2014. He presented as aggressive and thorough, but very professional and courteous. While both sides pursued their case, we were able to agree on exhibits, witnesses, evidence, etc. Mike was an example of how contentious cases can be tried with professionalism.

    Stephen AVVO
  • I endorse this lawyer. I have worked opposite Mike on many cases. He is detailed, experienced and tenacious. He knows the applicable law and also knows his way around a courthouse. Good guy, good lawyer

    Barkley AVVO
  • I have known Mike for a number of years. He is a great attorney and mediator. He has a wealth of experience and is a true professional.

    Mike AVVO
  • Mr. Waters is very knowledgeable, yet has an easy going demeanor that makes you feel at ease in even the most stressful situations. This made the entire process much more manageable for my family business. Our case was successful, and we felt better during it. What more could you ask?

    Anonymous AVVO

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